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Top 5 Website Redesign Mistakes: A blog about some of the most common website design mistakes.

A distinct and attractive website is no longer an option. A bad website leads businesses to lose clients, which means money out the door. Unfortunately, this happens with frightening regularity. Many small company owners create their own websites in order to save money and have greater control over the project. Unfortunately, they don’t often fully grasp the fundamentals of excellent web design, resulting in a less-than-ideal website.


Web design is, at its core, a type of art. Web design, like art, seeks to provide its viewers with an experience. The goal of web design is to blend form and function in such a manner that a website is pleasurable, navigable, engaging, and usable. There are some explicit and unspoken “rules” that web designers must follow in order to do this. People frequently do not follow these principles, which results in websites like this (ps. this website is a spoof…but I have encountered sites that provide a nice challenge!).

Don’t let yourself be that website. From my perspective, these are the most typical web design blunders that small company owners make.


1. There is too much going on.

Display important company information on your website straight immediately. Visitors who are unable to comprehend what your site is about after a few seconds of visiting will depart. While this is crucial to remember, it frequently leads to small company owners cramming too much above the fold. The fold is not only a fallacy, but a packed website is never a desirable thing. Websites containing a lot of photos, text, and other elements can take a long time to load and will confuse your visitors. Avoid busy designs at all costs.

2. Not Enough Going on.

Websites with hardly anything on them are at the opposite extreme of the spectrum. Minimalism in design is a major trend right now, and when done well, it works. Some small company websites are excessively obscure, leaving far too much to the imagination. That is another major blunder. Visitors want to know who you are and what your company can accomplish for them. If you rely too much on basic graphics with no clear direction, you will leave your visitors guessing, which is not a good thing.


3. Too Perplexing

The dreaded “confused brand” website exists somewhere in the center of the too much/too little range. The perplexed site has a wide range of fonts, pictures, color palettes, and topics, none of them are related to one another. This happens for a variety of reasons. It can happen if you don’t have a clear vision of your brand’s image. When you like too many design templates and want to utilize them all, you might easily fall into this trap. It can also occur when you are attempting to express too many concepts at once and viewing your site as a collection of distinct components rather than as a whole. Choose one theme, one logo, and one typeface when building a website and stick with them throughout.

4. A Horrible Call to Action

Your CTA is the doorway to your company. It orders your visitors to perform the following: Please visit this page! Get a discount! Find out more about this product! Obviously, it’s critical that your CTA tells visitors exactly what they need to accomplish. There should be enough information so that visitors understand what they will get from taking action and what information they must supply. However, there is a delicate line between being helpful and being irritating. Make sure your CTA is brief and tells clients exactly what they need to accomplish. Limit form completing and give them a few minutes on your website before the CTA appears.


5. Inadequate use of content and whitespace

The importance of content in your website and marketing strategy cannot be overstated. Content is what informs readers about your company and the items or services it provides. Pay close attention to the typefaces you choose and how the material is organized on the page.

Typeface reflects your brand image in addition to the words you write, so choose a readable and appealing font. Use white space effectively to guide the eye across your site and make huge blocks of content less daunting. Many individuals make the mistake of including too much content on their websites. The text should be broken up as much as feasible, and visual components should be used to express thoughts as much as possible. Customers may believe you’ve gone out of business if your content isn’t updated on a regular basis.

Top 5 Website Redesign Mistakes: A blog about some of the most common website design mistakes.

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